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“ My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our time at "The Waterside". The staff was very helpful, the lobby was always clean, and the residents were very friendly. We enjoyed the trails along the water in the summertime and the indoor pool and sauna in the winter. ”
Margaret G.
“ Terrific location. Being close to Jackson square, grocery shopping and downtown allows me to walk or ride my bike to everywhere I need! The views are also breathtaking. From my 29th floor apartment I have an unrivaled view of Hamilton, Burlington and am even able to see Toronto on clear days! ”
Tim G.
“ The staff was very accommodating making moving in a cinch. The pool, tennis court, billiard room, and exercise room offered endless entertainment for me and my guests. Also, the building is close to everything! What a great spot, definitely a five star place to live. ”
Laura H.
“ I lived here for 2 years in a one bedroom and I liked it a lot. The apartment was quite large and has a laundry room for extra convenience. The residents are nice, and the staff is even nicer! I never felt unsafe, and it was quiet too. The building has a very "home" like feel. The only reason I left was due to my growing family! ”
Mary L.
“ I really like this apartment. It's a very good size and the neighbors are very friendly. The staff is an amazing bunch who truly care about their tenants. Whenever I have any repair work that needs to be done they are quick to complete it. The cleaning staff are really friendly and you'll get to know them since you'll probably see them cleaning and working everyday. I definitely plan on living here for quite some time! ”
Abed H.
“ I've been living at Roseland Place for a couple of years now. I moved here to be closer to my job and it was a great choice. I looked at several buildings and this one was the best. It's close to great shopping and restaurants, parking is very good and I feel safe here. I like to use the machines in the exercise room in the evenings when I get home. It is a great way to unwind and clear my mind. The maintenance staff is always very helpful and quick to respond to my concerns. ”
Samantha A.
“ Out of the many buildings viewed this was the upmost well kept unique property we saw in the last 3 weeks. ”
Denise - Google Review
“ We've been living here for nearly 2 years and haven't had any issues. The building is very clean and the neighbours are friendly. Management is very efficient, accommodating and friendly to residents. It's an excellent location right on the waterfront and very accessible for commuters. ”
Andy - Google Review
“ I moved in a few weeks ago and have to admit that this has been the best rental experience I've had yet. Homestead does a great job maintaining the property (landscape) and interior maintenance is also done well. I had a few minor issues with my unit that didn't affect my living, but they got addressed within 48 hours of submitting my service request. The staff are friendly, helpful and courteous. ”
Matt - Google Review
“ We loved living at The Victoria. The building was clean, parking was plentiful, and the supers (and all the on-site staff) were so friendly and helpful with everything we needed. Wonderful experience. ”
Megan - Google Review
“ Being a Queen's University student "Brock Towers" is perfect for my busy lifestyle. Its location is close both to campus and to the downtown Kingston area making it a perfect spot for studying, shopping and enjoying the nightlife. ”
Julia R.
“ The Macdonald is a fantastic place to live. The staff are polite and are always willing to lend a helping hand. The guest suite and games room have been very convenient when our family comes to town to visit. We wouldn't stay anywhere else. ”
Marc L.
“ This is my third year in "Harbour Tower" and I hope to be here for many more. First I must praise the staff for their first-rate job. Our lobby always sparkles and we are always greeted in a friendly way when we have questions. My apartment is very spacious and I love watching the sailboats in the summertime. ”
Ruth L.
“ I was disappointed to have to leave The Waterford, but my husband got a new job in Toronto! We loved our home and our neighbours and felt the service was always good. Much better than other places we've been. ”
Sarah D.
“ This place offers a wonderful view of the canal and is walking distance from parliament hill and downtown, allowing me to walk to work. The staff always greets me with a smile and I have only positive things to say about my neighbours as well. The lobby and halls are always clean. Overall it is a great apartment. ”
Ryan S.
“ I am so excited to live near the downtown area. Finally a place in the city that is close to restaurants and shopping. I love coming home here at night and relaxing, but I also like knowing that if I want to go out everything is close to me and easily accessible. Being close to the subway is also important to me. I am all about convenience and Upper Canada Apartments has all this to offer and more. I plan to stay here for a long time and grow with the Toronto area. LOVE IT!!!! ”
Eric B.
“ Peter McGregor Towers' close proximity to the downtown core, John Labatt Centre, Covent Garden Market, Harris Park, and the Grand Theatre makes it a great choice for living. I have great view of the city. My friends and I love hanging out on the balcony in the summer months. This is a safe place with safe parking. The staff here are tremendously nice were very helpful while moving in. I am very happy here! ”
Greg M.
“ Lived in this building for about three years. The new owners have updated the hallways, laundry room, social/games room, library, and the gym - all are very clean with modern fixtures. Definitely one of the funner buildings I've lived in with all it's great amenities. Great place to live if you have a dog (plenty of parks right beside!) It's a quiet building in a great location (near 4th Street and 17th ave!). Highly recommend. ”
Adrian - Google Review
“ I currently live at Bromley and I cannot say enough good things about the management and staff. They have been attentive and beyond helpful. The apartment is in good condition and the common areas are cleaned often. Plus that pool!!! I love living at Bromley Square and would recommend to anyone. ”
Sharon - Google Review