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Car Charging Stations Now Available!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Kingston - January 15, 2018

Homestead Land Holdings is proud to announce the installation of multiple EV car charging stations, located at the following buildings:

21 King Street in London, Ontario
263 Pharmacy Avenue in Toronto, Ontario
472 Brock Avenue in Burlington, Ontario
144 Barrett Court in Kingston, Ontario
7307 Campeau Drive in Ottawa, Ontario
380 Waterloo Avenue in Guelph, Ontario
140 Erskine Avenue in Toronto, Ontario
85 Ontario Street in Kingston, Ontario
1300 McWatters Road in Ottawa, Ontario
1971 St. Laurent Boulevard in Ottawa, Ontario

In partnership with Sparkle Solutions, these EV station will allow residents and the general public the ability to charge their electric vehicles at these locations.

Expect to see more EV parking stations installed at Homestead buildings in the near future!

Sparkle Solutions

Photo of Electric Car Chargers at Homestead property