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Health & Safety Policy

The Health and Safety of each employee is a priority of Homestead Land Holdings Limited.

Homestead Land Holdings Limited is committed to the Health and Safety of its workers.  Homestead Land Holdings endeavours to protect all of its workers from injury or occupational disease by eliminating anticipated workplace hazards, providing protective devices, providing health and safety information and generally providing a safe place for all workers.

Supervisors and workers are a critical part of maintaining a safe workplace.  Supervisors will be held accountable for the health and safety of the workers under their direction.  Supervisors must ensure that workers receive adequate training and comply with the established legislative requirements and safe operating procedures.  Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that all operational and protective equipment is in safe operating condition.

Workers are responsible for actively participating in health and safety training and applying the skills learned.  Workers must work in compliance with all legislative requirements, and safe operating practices and procedures.

Management, supervisors, and employees must consider the following health and safety practices as a cost of doing good business.  Homestead Land Holdings Limited is committed to maintaining a safe workplace for all workers.

Health & Safety Policy
Workplace Harassment Prevention Policy - Ontario
Workplace Harassment Prevention Policy - Alberta
Workplace Violence Prevention Policy - Ontario
Workplace Violence Prevention Policy - Alberta