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How can I pay my rent?
We have multiple options to pay your rent! We accept post-dated cheques, certified cheques, money orders, pre-authorized payment, online payment, and debit at select locations.
When is my rent due?
Rent us due on the first day of every month.
Who do I make my rent cheques payable to?
Your rent cheques can be made payable to “Homestead Land Holdings Limited”.
Do I require a co-signer for my lease?
Homestead may require a co-signer (guarantor) for your lease to ensure that rental payments are able to be made. A typical example of a guarantor would be a parent or guardian. Homestead will contact you after your application has been submitted to let you know if a guarantor is required.
What happens if my rent is not paid?
If you do not pay your rent when it is due, a “Notice to End a Tenancy Early for Non-payment of Rent” (Form N4) can be provided by the landlord. When this notice is provided, it advises the tenant(s) that they have 14 days to pay the overdue rent, or vacate the apartment. If the rent still has not been paid after this date, the landlord can apply to the Landlord & Tenant Board (LTB) for an order to require the tenant(s) pay the overdue rent, and/or evict the tenant(s) if the entire payment is not made by a specified deadline.

In the case of rent payments being frequently delayed or overdue, the landlord may provide a Form 8, or “Notice to Terminate a Tenancy at the End of Term”. This notice gives the tenant(s) 60 days to vacate their apartment. The landlord can apply to the LTB for an order for an immediate eviction after the notice has been received.
How much notice is required to move out?
Homestead must be provided with your notice to vacate 60 days prior to the end of your tenancy. This must be provided in writing. The termination date must be the last day of the lease, or rental period if on a month-to-month lease. As an example, if notice is provided on January 10th for a monthly tenancy, the termination date will be March 31st.
Can a Homestead employee enter my apartment?
Under the Residential Tenancies Act, a landlord is allowed to enter an apartment under specific circumstances, generally by providing 24 hours written notice, stating the reason for entering and when the apartment will be entered. There are exceptions, such as after a notice to vacate has been given, or in case of emergency.